Aimeili Gel Polish
New AIMEILI Gel Nail Polish Need To Try in Fall/Winter 2020

New AIMEILI Gel Nail Polish Need To Try in Fall/Winter 2020

Published by Victoria on 2nd Nov 2020

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As we all know, autumn is a harvest season, everything is mature and fruitful. The world becomes golden, everyone is delightful. Although winter is chill, but the ground will be covered with snow and the world becomes white, so peaceful! Right, they are perfect seasons to do gel manicures at home! But where to get those kind of gel polish?

Finally! We are pushing out these new gel polish set! Different colors, in the same serie! For you to get your nails done at home easily!

They are sold in 8ML but still with salon quality. With the same formular, they come in set of 12 pieces which can satisfy most of your needs! Let's see how they look.

Set of 12 pieces - 1

Brown and taupe color set

These colors are perfect for maple leaves nail designs, pumpkin nail art designs, for whom like subtle and low-key manicures. They clearly show how you love the autumn season! Wearing these nails, walking in the wood to feel the good moment on this ground!

Fall taupe gel nail polish colors

Set of 12 pieces - 2

Light and dark color set

These colors are perfect for mature fruits nail designs, autumn flowers nail art designs, for anyone likes easy and elegant manicures. You will be addicted to them and can't help to have more!

Fall light gel nail polish colors

Set of 12 pieces - 3

Light and pink color set

These colors will be good for fall sweaters nail designs, fall striping tape nail art designs, will you be obsessed with those designs? Although they are light colors, you will still be satisfied with having them to be accompanied in this season!

Fall pink gel nail polish colors

Set of 12 pieces - 4

Taupe and dark color set

Alright, these colors will be good for little rocks nail designs, teardrop tips nail art designs. Sounds so sad, but looks fantastic! You will definitely get a lot of compliments if you wear those! Like a professional nail technician.

Fall dark gel nail polish colors

Set of 12 pieces - 5

Dark and glitter color set

Finally, here comes the dark colors, they are born for this season! You could do camouflage nail designs, marbelized glitter nail art designs. Especially when top it with matte, they look so classic and solemn! Others couldn't touch and play with it but look at it from far away!

Fall dark and glitter gel nail polish colors

Set of 12 pieces - 6

Yellow and red color set

Yeah, they are bright colors! So what! Who said it should be dark and down in autumn? Midcentury modern nail designs, cheerleader in uniform nail art designs will be attractive´╝ü Vigorous and full of youthful spirity, like a rising sun in the morning, warm and harmony!

Fall yellow and red gel nail polish colors

After all these, do you think those colors are beautiful? If compare the glowing top coat effect with the matte top coat effect, which one will you prefer? 

But when you get them, do you know how to apply them on your nails? Here are some tricks for you:

Step 1: Prep and push back cuticles.

Step 2: Apply AIMEILI Base coat, and cure under UV lamp for 1 minute, LED light for 30 seconds.

Step 3: Apply AIMEILI color in a thin application. Cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes, LED light for 30-60 seconds.

Step 4: Apply a second coat, then cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes, LED light for 30-60 seconds. Apply the third coat  if neccessary.

Step 5: Apply AIMEILI Top coat and cure under lamp for 2 mins, LED light for 30-60 seconds.

Step 6: Wipe of sticky layer with shine wipe.

Step 7: Enjoy your 14 Day Manicure!

There are so many colors, when you want to change to another color, how could you remove the previous one off your nails? Let's share the secrets:

Step 1: Soak cotton pad with acetone.

Step 2: Wrap around each nail with tin foil leave for approx. 10 minutes, check if ready, if not, leave a few minutes more.

Step 3: Use an orange stick or a cuticle pushier to remove softened gel.

Hither, have you ever been concerned about the safety of the gel polishes? Yes, you need to. Especially when you do your nails a lot and take them off often. So here are some tips you need to pay attention to:

- May cause sensitization by skin contact.

- Follow the directions for application and sealed after using.

- Do not apply to nails that damaged or infected.

Thus, it's highly recommended to take skin test very time before applying the gel nail polish on your nails. And frequently apply cuticle oil to nail/cuticle would be recommended to keep nails healthy.

Now let's explain why test skin so important?
1. Different people have different skin type. You might be allergic easily to specific ingredients while others don't, which is normal.

2. Have done manicure too often. Keep in mind that harsh pre&remover may be hurt your nails&cuticle already, skin text prior application would help check if your skin still suitable for it.

Till now, we have introduced some new arrivals to you, we have shared how to apply the gel polish and take them off from your nails, we also pointed out the things you may need to to pay attention to. So are you ready to get some of them to have fun at home with your friends? If you want to get to know more about our AIMEILI gel polish, please visit here!