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5 Amazing Benefits of Gel Nail Polish

5 Amazing Benefits of Gel Nail Polish

Published by Victoria on 6th Apr 2022

Nail polish traces its roots back to ancient times,around 3,000 B.C.E.Although some cultures wore henna on their nails, the creation of a polish-like substance has been attributed to the Chinese.

The Chinese added flower petals to a mixture of beeswax, egg white, gelatin, and sap to produce a colored dye effect on their nails. They also created false nails made of silver and gold decorated with jewels and other adornments. These we reserved for royalty only as a sign of prestige.

Today, there are hundreds of nail polish colors and gel nail polish varieties available. So everyone can feel like royalty with their own at-home manicure.

Want to know more about gel nail polish? Keep reading this guide to discover five amazing benefits of gel nail polish.

1. Gel Nail Polish Dries Quicker

Using an LED or UV light cures the gel nail polish so it dries much faster than traditional nail polish. The base coat of gel nails can set in as little as 60-90 seconds so your nails are ready to go in no time. You can get back to going about your day without worrying about smudging the nail polish

Normal nail polishes can take up to an hour to dry. Even with the utmost care, the nails will inevitably smudge trying to reach for one's keys or turn a doorknob.

Smudging the nail polish results in frustration and numerous touch-ups. As well as even more time waiting for each coat to dry again.

Some tips like sticking your nails in ice water to dry the polish quicker are not always feasible if you're on the go and freezing your fingers isn't comfortable either.

2. Gel Nail Polish Feels More Natural

Regular nail polish adds thick, chunky, and uneven layers to your nails that chip, flake off, and smudge more easily. Gel nail polish is a thin coat that sticks firmly to the natural nailbed and dries smoothly, offering a more natural nail look and feel.

Unlike acrylic nails, gel nails do not use harsh smelling chemicals and fillers. Gel nails don't require intensive buffing and polishing that can break down your natural nail's structure over time.

Gel nails are lightweight and sturdy yet they are easier to remove and do not cause the damage, effort, and pain that acrylics do. Simplysoak your fingertips in acetoneto dissolve gel nails

Gel nails also have a shiner finish to them than regular nail polish and acrylic nails, without the need for the application of heavy additional topcoats.

3. Gel Nail Polish Provides More Protection

Gel nail polish dries hard and adheres securely to the natural nail bed. For individuals with otherwise brittle or damaged nails, this coating of gel nail polish can provide more protection to prevent breaking and chipping nails.

It shields your nails from common contaminants and everyday activities that cause wear and can break down your nail structure. It may also help to strengthen the natural nail underneath when the gel nails are worn for extended periods.

So either way, you'll have long-lasting nails with gel nails.

4. Gel Nail Polish Allows for Nail Arts and Nail Color Exploration

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, nail salons were shut down due to health and safety concerns. This left many with acrylic nails in a frenzy as they were not able to get the proper maintenance and repair work done.

Because gel nails are not as complicated and time-consuming as acrylic nails, it is possible to do an at-home manicure yourself or with the help of someone else. Just make certain you have access to a portable UV or LED light unit to harden and dry the gel.

It is still recommended that you get gel nails done professionally in a nail salon with licensed beauticians, if possible, for the best results. Especially if it is the first time you are getting gel nails.

Once your gel nails are set you can play around with many nail art designs andfun nail color options. The beauty of gel nail polish is that keeps its shine and color for much longer than regular nail polish, which tends to fade after just a few days.

If you're feeling brave, you can try to paint your own nail arts and patterns. Use specialnail art brushesfor adding finer details and patterns. If you're stuck, there are tutorial design videos all over Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok to show you how.

But if you'd prefer something safer, you can buy pre-made sticker sheets of nail art designs to put on your gel nails. Or you can purchase anail art stamping kit. The nail art stamping kit allows you to apply nail arts through a stamping plate that presses nail color polish patterns and designs on with pre-designed templates.

Want to go bolder? Addrhinestone nail artfor even more bling.

5. Gel Nail Polish Lasts Longer

With regular use, you can expect to get about two weeks of wear from your gel nail polish before it starts to fade or peel. But with proper care, gel nails can last upwards of three to four weeks per wear cycle.

At best, a normal nail polish manicure may last only a few hours to a few days before smudging the nail polish or chipping nails occurs.

It is important to note that gel nails are sensitive to hot water, so it may be necessary towear gloves when doing dishesand avoid soaking them in hot bath water to preserve them longer.

Also, because acetone is used for removing gel nails, it is best to avoid rubbing alcohol and acetone products until you are ready to remove your nails, as these substances can weaken the nail tips.

With just a few minor modifications, you can still have natural-looking and beautiful long-lasting nails.

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