Aimeili Gel Polish

About us

AIMEILI ( I-May-Lee ) is a brand of nail products.




It has been designed in Hong Kong and registered in US and Europe. The meaning of AIMEILI is that we will make everyone more beautiful whoever uses our products.




Since the brand was established in 2012, the gel nail polish has won a lot of fans around the world. With good quality, we put beauty, fun and environment protection elements into the products. We use natural products that all ingredients are ecological, non-toxic and harmless. The materials are imported from US, Japan and Germany, which aiming at minimizing the harm of chemical components to human bodies.




Besides, we keep providing high customer experience by high quality, fast shipping and new outstanding products. There’s no doubt that AIMEILI is making a contribution to the nail industry.




Last but not least, all AIMEILI products are vegan friendly and cruelty free. Please get our products on our website, on Amazon or on eBay with no worries. Enjoy! ;-)