Aimeili Gel Polish

2 in 1 Nail Glue and Base Gel 15ML

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  • 2 In 1 Nail Glue Gel: AIMEILI 15ml NAIL GLUE GEL could be used for nail tips adhesive, and it could still be used as gel base coat for better protection and adhesive!
  • Quick & Strong & Lasting: AIMEILI nail glues gel is break resistant. You could extend nails easily within 3 minutes for more than 2 weeks!
  • Less Harm to Nails: Unlike traditional nail glue, AIMEILI soak off nail glue gel is made with natural formular and low odor, providing you a comfortable and pleasant nail experience.
  • Multiple Use: AIMEILI nail glue can be used for false nail tips, acrylic nails, gel polish nails, poly nail extension gel nails, ideal for DIY nail art and salon use.
  • LED Lamp or Nail Lamp Required:This nail glue gel need to be cured under U V/LED lamp for 60-90s.



Step 1: Apply a thin and average nail glue gel on the nail tips.

Step 2: Place the nail tips on the nail from the back edge to the front, lightly press it to expel the bubbles.

Step 3: Cure under the U V lamp for 1-2mins, LED light for 30-60s.

Step 4: Cut off the nail tip and gently file the edge.

Step 5: Apply AIMEILI color gel and No Wipe Top Coat, and cure under the U V lamp for 1-2mins, LED light for 30-60s.

Step 6: Enjoy your manicure!

NOTE: Please take SKIN TEST every time before doing manicure. Stop using if you were feeling uncomfortable.



1. File off the top coat gently.

2. Soak cotton pad with acetone, then wrap around each nail tightly with tin foil, and leave it for around 10-15 mins.

3. Use an orange stick or a cuticle pushier to remove softened gel gently.

4. Clean and wash nails and then apply nail cuticle to nail (skin), massage a bit to improve nails health.

Beware: DO NOT over file down the nail plate or scrap off polish with a sharp tool. DO NOT barely soak gel nails with acetone.



1. May cause ALLERGIC REACTION. Please take SKIN TEST every time before doing manicure. Discontinue using immediately once feeling uncomfortable.

2. Please DO NOT apply gel polish to nails that damaged or infected.

3. Please DO NOT over file down the nail plates or scrap off old polish with a sharp tool!

4. To protect cuticle/nails, please apply cuticle oil to nail after finishing manicure. Frequently use the cuticle oil to massage nail surface would be recommended.

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